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1999A computational model to simulate the thermal behaviour of the passengers compartment of vehiclesConceicao, EZE; da Silva, MCG; Andre, JCS; Viegas, DXconferenceObject-
1997Air quality inside the passenger compartment of a busConceicao, EZE; da Silva, MCG; Viegas, DXarticle-
1997Airflow around a passenger seated in a busConceicao, EZE; da Silva, MCG; Viegas, DXconferenceObject-
2010Application of a School Building Thermal Response Numerical Model in the Evolution of the Adaptive Thermal Comfort Level in the Mediterranean EnvironmentConceicao, EZE; Nunes, ARL; Gomes, JMM; Lucio, MMJRarticle-
2013Application of computational fluid dynamics differential model coupled with human thermal comfort integral model in ventilated indoor spacesConceicao, EZE; Geraldo, DRB; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2008Energy and thermal comfort management in a kindergarten school building in the South of Portugal in Winter conditionsConceicao, EZE; Lopes, MC; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2012Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms Equipped with Cross-Flow VentilationConceicao, EZE; Farinho, JP; Lucio, MMJRarticle-
2006Evaluation of thermal comfort conditions in a classroom equipped with radiant systemsConceicao, EZE; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2010Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems control based in the Predicted Mean Vote indexConceicao, EZE; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2010Human thermo-physiological sensation control based in the adaptive comfort philosophyConceicao, EZE; Farinho, JP; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2010Numerical Study of the Influence of Opaque External Trees with Pyramidal Shape on the Thermal Behaviour of a School Building in Summer ConditionsConceicao, EZE; Lucio, MMJRarticle-
2009Numerical Study of the Thermal Efficiency of a School Building with Complex Topology for Different OrientationsConceicao, EZE; Lucio, MMJRarticle-
2006Numerical study of thermal response of school buildings in summer conditionsConceicao, EZE; Lucio, MMJRconferenceObject-
2000Thermal behaviour simulation of the passenger compartment of vehiclesConceicao, EZE; da Silva, MCG; Andre, JCS; Viegas, DXarticle-