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Título: Os montes da serra de Tavira
Autor: Costa, Miguel Reimão
Palavras-chave: Serra de Tavira
Serra algarvia
Mundo rural
Dieta mediterrânica
Data: 2010
Editora: Câmara Municipal de Tavira
Resumo: The human occupation of the Tavira ridge is characterised by a network of small agglomerations of buildings (known as ‘montes’) belonging to the proprietors of lands around them. This way of organising places is, by and large, extensive to an important area of the schist mountains that stretch from Alentejo to Algarve, from the Guadiana river to the Atlantic Ocean. However, within the scope of that larger entity, the Tavira ridge appears as a sub-unit with traits of its own, which may be attributed not only to biophysical conditions, but also to the historical circumstances associated to the settlement of the territory. This particular ridge, which was confined to the perimeter of the Tavira municipality during the days of the Old Regime, has been more densely populated, due to its lack of interior hierarchisation, unlike what happens in neighbouring sub-units, both in terms of agglomeration sizes and of the property system itself. The traditional architecture of these areas was usually reduced to the bare essentials, reflecting the adverse conditions that generally surrounded the local economies. As can easily be gleaned from the plans shown here, the groupings of edifices that define the ridge’s settlement are largely characterised by the aggregation of buildings belonging to various owners, often intent on achieving a prominent position in the landscape.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/1231
ISBN: 978-972-8705-38-1
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