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1985Molecular cloning of two genes induced by alpha-interferon in human cells.Moutschen, S; Wathelet, M; Cravador, A.; Defilippi, P; Huez, G; Content, Jarticle-
1986FULL-LENGTH CDNA CLONING AND CORRESPONDING GENE STRUCTURE OF THE HUMAN 2'-5'A-SYNTHETASEWathelet, M; Moutschen, S; Cravador, A.; Huez, G; Content, JconferenceObject-
1986COMPLETE SEQUENCE AND POSSIBLE ROLE OF THE 56-KD PROTEIN-INDUCED BY HUMAN INTERFERONWathelet, M; Moutschen, S; Cravador, A.; Balzarini, J; Content, J; Huez, GconferenceObject-
1980NEW METHOD OF SYNTHESIS USING SELENIUM DERIVATIVES AS FUNCTION PRECURSORKrief, A; Dumont, W; Cravador, A.; Denis, Jn; Halazy, S; Hevesi, L; Labar, D; Lucchetti, J; Remion, J; Sevrin, M; Vanende, Darticle-
1987MUTANT AND CHIMERIC RECOMBINANT PLASMINOGEN ACTIVATORS - PRODUCTION IN EUKARYOTIC CELLS AND PRELIMINARY CHARACTERIZATIONPierard, L; Jacobs, P; Gheysen, D; Hoylaerts, M; Andre, B; Topisirovic, L; Cravador, A.; Deforesta, F; Herzog, A; Collen, D; Dewilde, M; Bollen, Aarticle-
1989Production of human recombinant proapolipoprotein A-I in Escherichia coli: Purification and biochemical characterizationMoguilevsky, N.; Roobol, C.; Loriau, R.; Guillaume, J. P.; Jacobs, P.; Cravador, A.; Herzog, A.; Brouwers, L.; Scarso, A.; Gilles, P.; Homquist, L.; Carlson, L.A.; Bollen, A.article-
1989Porcine D-amino acid oxidase: Production of the biologically active enzyme in Escherichia coliCiccarelli, E; Massaer, M; Guillaume, Jp; Herzog, A; Loriau, R; Cravador, A.; Jacobs, P; Bollen, Aarticle-