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2002Circumscription, classification, and taxonomy of Amblystegiaceae (Bryopsida) inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data and morphologyVanderpoorten, A.; Hedenäs, L.; Cox, C. J.; Shaw, A. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2007WASABI: an automated sequence processing system for multigene phylogeniesKauff, F.; Cox, C. J.; Lutzoni, F.articleopenAccess
2003A taxonomic reassessment of the Vittiaceae (Hypnales, Bryopsida): Evidence from phylogenetic analyses of combined chloroplast and nuclear sequence dataVanderpoorten, A.; Goffinet, B.; Hedenäs, L.; Cox, C. J.; Shaw, A. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2007Distribution and phylogenetic significance of the 71-kb inversion in the plastid genome in Funariidae (Bryophyta)Goffinet, B.; Wickett, N. J.; Werner, O.; Ros, R. M.; Shaw, A. J.; Cox, C. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2004Phylogenetic relationships among Sphagnum sections: Hemitheca, Isocladus, and SubsecundaShaw, J. A.; Cox, C. J.; Boles, S. B.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Deep sequencing of Ptilidium (Ptilidiaceae) suggests evolutionary stasis in liverwort plastid genome structureForrest, L. L.; Wickett, N. J.; Cox, C. J.; Goffinet, B.articleopenAccess
2002Phylogeny and morphological evolution of the Amblystegiaceae (Bryopsida)Vanderpoorten, A.; Hedenäs, L.; Cox, C. J.; Shaw, A. J.articlerestrictedAccess
2003Global patterns in peatmoss biodiversityShaw, A. J.; Cox, C. J.; Boles, S. B.articlerestrictedAccess
2002Phylogenetic and biosystematic relationships in four highly disjunct polyploid complexes in the subgenera Ceterach and Phyllitis in Asplenium (Aspleniaceae)Pinter, I.; Bakker, F.; Barrett, J.; Cox, C. J.; Gibby, M.; Henderson, S.; Morgan-Richards, M.; Rumsey, F.; Russell, S. J.; Trewick, S.; Schneider, H.; Vogel, J. C.articlerestrictedAccess
2000Phylogenetic relationships among basal-most arthrodontous mosses with special emphasis on the evolutionary significance of the FunariineaeGoffinet, B.; Cox, C. J.articleopenAccess