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Título: Spatial databases for decision support in agriculture
Autor: Vaz, Eric
Noronha, Teresa de
Palavras-chave: Common agriculture policy
Geographic information system
land use and change
Data: 2008
Editora: WSEAS
Citação: 127. Vaz, E. and Noronha Vaz. T. (2008) “Spatial Databases for Decision support in Agriculture”, 4th IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (EEESD'08), 11-13 June, Algarve, Portugal
Resumo: The Portuguese agriculture has experienced phases of change and its adaptation to the Common Agriculture Policy. Although serious problems have subsisted as structural difficulties in spite of the many public aids, it seems that, slowly, agricultural productivity increased, integrating some technological progress. However, other expectations related to food auto sufficiency or a more balanced equilibrium in the food trade were however, not achieved. For that study, after having desegregated possible determinants of growth for the agricultural sector, the econometric results showed a stationary tendency for all the vegetal production variables; contrarily, some of the detected growth factors were correlated to animal production, particularly to pork, poultry and milk production. Beside, the classical econometrics, new methods could allow us to a more in depth analysis of the state in the Portuguese agricultural activities. Our research uses Geographic Information Systems to those prompt spatial databases for monitoring land use change. This short essay opens prospects for a much better understanding of rurality when all those factors contributing to its sustainability, much broader than agricultural activities will be evaluated under the methods earlier described.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/4545
ISBN: 978-960-6766-71-8
ISSN: 1790-5095
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