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Título: Creative animation methodologies with children: state of the research
Autor: Graça, Marina Estela
Palavras-chave: Animation
Animation teaching
Media literacy
Data: 2008
Editora: Two Reels - Association for the Reanimation of Storytelling
Citação: Graça, ME (2008). "Creative animation methodologies with children: State of the research". In Repse, H. (ed.) Zbornik Slon. Ljubliana: Two Reels - Association for the Reanimation of Storytelling, pp.22-29.
Resumo: There is an urgent need to introduce audiovisual languages and technologies into the classroom and to do so by means of practices that stimulate creativity and which are rooted in methodological, scientific and communicational rigour. It is necessary that children learn to describe and structure what they observe using correct, efficient and motivating methods, and to use that knowledge as the foundation of their capacity to imagine and create. The author of this article is convinced that the use of learning projects employing animation techniques and production methods lays the foundations for such development of creativity, communication and cognitive competences.
Descrição: Colaboração por convite da editora da publicação.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/7332
ISSN: 978-961-92264-3-8
AUT: MGR00043;
Versão do Editor: http://slon.animateka.si/press/pedagoska_gradiva/Zbornik_Slon_2008.pdf
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