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2007Temporal and spatial variation of phytopigments in the Western part of the Ria Formosa lagoon, Southern PortugalPereira, M.; Icely, John; Mudge, S.; Newton, Alice; Rubina, R.articlerestrictedAccess
2005The yield of chlorophyll from nitrogen: a comparison between the shallow Ria Formosa lagoon and the deep oceanic conditions at Sagres along southern coast of PortugalEdwards, Vivien; Icely, John; Newton, Alice; Webster, RutharticlerestrictedAccess
2010Seasonal and interannual variability of planktonic microbes in a mesotidal coastal lagoon (Ria Formosa, SE Portugal): impact of climatic changes and local human influencesBarbosa, Ana B.bookPartclosedAccess
2005Lagoon-sea exchanges, nutrient dynamics and water quality management of the Ria Formosa (Portugal)Newton, Alice; Mudge, S.articlerestrictedAccess
2009Development of an optimal methodology for the extraction of microphytobenthic chlorophyllBrito, Ana; Newton, Alice; Tett, Paul; Fernandes, TeresaarticleopenAccess
Set-2011How will shallow coastal lagoons respond to climate change? A modelling investigationBrito, Ana; Newton, Alice; Tett, Paul; Fernandes, TeresaarticlerestrictedAccess
2003Phytoplankton dynamics in a coastal saline lake (SE-Portugal)Morais, P.; Chícharo, Alexandra; Barbosa, Ana B.articleclosedAccess
1991Spatial and temporal variation of bacterioplankton abundance and biomass in a coastal lagoon (Ria Formosa, SE Portugal)Barbosa, Ana B.articleclosedAccess
Jan-2007Mudflat surface morphology as a structuring agent of algae and associated macroepifauna communities: a case study in the Ria FormosaAníbal, J.; Rocha, C.; Sprung, MartinarticleopenAccess
2010The yield of microphytobenthic chlorophyll from nutrients: enriched experiments in microcosmsBrito, Ana; Newton, Alice; Tett, Paul; Icely, John; Fernandes, TeresaarticlerestrictedAccess