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Título: El cancionero infantil: canto juego y una posible percepcion del mundo
Outros títulos: canto juego y una posible percepcion del mundo
Autor: Chicote, Gloria Beatriz
Data: 1998
Editora: Centro de Estudos Ataíde Oliveira
Resumo: The present paper stems from the awareness that it is impossilble to approach traditional texts as isolated from their cultural environment, and from the need to understand them from the point of view of the interaction between different factors. As the very foundations of the concept of text were revolutionarised since the structuralist movements (in particular with narratology but also with semiotics and pragmatics), that concept has been extended and redefined taking into account two major determining instances: context and performance. In the light of these statements the nursery rhymes appear as an adequate subject to approach the problem of performance as the event whereby the actualisation of the message takes place. From the theoretical problems outlined above we propose a possible approach for a corpus of nursery rhymes gathered in the Province of Entre Ríos (Argentina), considering the linguistic text together with levels of significance that concur in the formation of the communicative instance.
Peer review: no
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/2016
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