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Título: Tetragonia tetragonioides - a potential salt removing species. Response to the combined effects of salts and calcium
Autor: Neves, Alcinda
Miguel, Maria Graça
Marques, C.
Panagopoulos, Thomas
Data: 2007
Editora: World Scientific and Engineering Acad and Soc
Resumo: The best way to control the salination process and to maintain the sustainability of landscape is the use of environmentally safe and clean techniques. One of these new techniques is the use of salt removing species. In order to study the potential capacity to remove soil salts, several wild halophytic species were being studied. Two experiments with Tetragonia tetragonioides were carried out involving 1) the effects of salts, 2) and the combined effects of salts and calcium. It is shown that T. tetragonioides, besides its high salt removal potential, has other interests, as follows: 1) high biomass production potential; 2) several harvests during the year (summer and winter); 3) high content of minerals; 4) horticultural importance, as a leaf vegetable crop; 6) easy multiplication (seed propagation) and easy crop management; 7) tolerance to drought and hot conditions; 8) soil erosion control due to its excellent soil covering. The obtained results suggest that plants supplemented with the high calcium level had longer internodes than plants in the low calcium level, at high salinity levels.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/6307
ISBN: 978-960-8457-88-1
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