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2017Allochthonous-derived organic matter subsidizes the food sources of estuarine jellyfishMorais, Pedro; Dias, Ester; Cruz, Joana; Chainho, P.; Costa, J. L.; Angélico, M. M.; Barbosa, Ana; Teodosio, MariaarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Ammonium, nitrate and phytoplankton interactions in a freshwater tidal estuarine zone: potential effects of cultural eutrophicationDomingues, Rita B.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Sommer, Ulrich; Galvão, Helena M.articleclosedAccess
2014Are microcosm volume and sample pre-filtration relevant to evaluate phytoplankton growth?Nogueira, Patrícia; Domingues, Rita B.; Barbosa, Ana B.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Are nutrients and light limiting summer phytoplankton in a temperate coastal lagoon?Domingues, Rita B.; Guerra, Cátia C.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Galvão, HelenaarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Are submarine groundwater discharges affecting the structure and physiological status of rocky intertidal communities?Piló, D.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Teodosio, Maria; Encarnação, J.; Leitão, F.; Range, Pedro; Krug, Lilian A.; Cruz, J.; Chícharo, LuísarticlerestrictedAccess
2012Connections between upwelling patterns and phytoplankton variability under different coastal regimes in SW Iberia PeninsulaKrug, Lilian A.; Silvano, Kathleen M.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Domingues, Rita B.; Galvão, Helena M.; Luis, Joaquim; Platt, Trevor; Relvas, Paulo; Sathyendranath, ShubhaconferenceObjectclosedAccess
2008Constrains on the use of phytoplankton as a biological quality indicator within the Water Framework Directive in portuguese watersDomingues, Rita B.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Galvão, Helena M.articleclosedAccess
2001Cyanobacteria blooms and cyanotoxin occurrence in the Guadiana (SE - Portugal): preliminary resultsCaetano, Sandra; Miguel, Rute; Mendes, Pedro; Galvão, Helena M.; Barbosa, Ana B.articleclosedAccess
2008Cyanobacteria blooms in natural waters in Southern Portugal: a water management perspectiveGalvão, Helena M.; Reis, Margarida P.; Valério, Elisabete; Domingues, Rita; Costa, Cristina; Lourenço, Dulce; Condinho, S.; Miguel, Rute; Barbosa, Ana B.; Gago, Conceição; Faria, Natália; Paulino, Sérgio; Pereira, PauloarticleopenAccess
2018Delineation of ocean surface provinces over a complex marine domain (off SW Iberia): an objective abiotic-based approachKrug, Lilian A.; Platt, Trevor; Barbosa, Ana B.articlerestrictedAccess
2009Dynamics of living phytoplankton: implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructionsBarbosa, Ana B.articleclosedAccess
2011Ecological tools for the management of cyanobacteria blooms in the Guadiana River watershed, Southwest IberiaGalvão, Helena M.; Reis, Margarida P.; Domingues, Rita B.; Caetano, Sandra; Mesquita, Sandra; Barbosa, Ana B.; Costa, Cristina; Vilchez, Carlos; Ribau Teixeira, MargaridabookPartclosedAccess
2009Effects of nutrient and light enrichment on phytoplankton growthDomingues, Rita B.; Barbosa, Ana B.bookPartclosedAccess
7-Jan-2014Effects of ultraviolet radiation and CO2 increase on winter phytoplankton assemblages in a temperate coastal lagoonDomingues, Rita B.; Guerra, Cátia; Barbosa, Ana B.; Brotas, V.; Galvão, Helena M.articleclosedAccess
2010Environmental forcing of phytoplankton in a Mediterranean estuary (Guadiana Estuary, southwestern Iberia): a decadal of anthropogenic and climatic influencesBarbosa, Ana B.; Domingues, Rita B.; Galvão, Helena M.articleclosedAccess
2006Estrutura e dinâmica da teia alimentar microbiana na Ria FormosaBarbosa, Ana B.doctoralThesisopenAccess
2009Grazing impact of microzooplankton upon phytoplanktonBarbosa, Ana B.; Domingues, Rita B.bookPartclosedAccess
2011Hydrology and biota interactions as driving forces for ecosystem functioningBarbosa, Ana B.; Chícharo, AlexandrabookPartclosedAccess
2011Hydrology and biota interactions as driving forces for ecosystem functioningChícharo, Alexandra; Barbosa, Ana B.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Light as a driver of phytoplankton growth and production in the freshwater tidal zone of a turbid estuaryDomingues, Rita B.; Anselmo, Tânia P.; Barbosa, Ana B.; Sommer, Ulrich; Galvão, Helena M.articleclosedAccess