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Título: Non-linear analysis of composite structures with integrated piezoelectric sensors and actuators
Autor: Moita, José Mateus Simões
Soares, Cristovão M. Mota
Soares, Carlos A. Mota
Palavras-chave: Elementos finitos
Data: 2002
Editora: Quanse - Chile
Citação: International Congress on Quality Assessment of Numerical Simulations in Engineering. - Quanse - Chile, 9-12 April 2002. - 16 f
Resumo: This paper deals with the geometrically non linear analysis of thin plate/shell laminated structures with embedded integrated piezoelectric actuors or sensors layers and/or patches.The model is based on the Kirchhoff classical laminated theory and can be applied to plate and shell adaptive structures with arbitrary shape, general mechanical and electrical loadings. the finite element model is a nonconforming single layer triangular plate/shell element with 18 degrees of fredom for the generalized displacements and one eçlectrical potential degree of freedom for each piezoelectric layer or patch. An updated Lagrangian formulation associated to Newton-Raphson technique is used to solve incrementally and iteratively the equilibrium equation.The model is applied in the solution of four illustrative cases, and the results are compared and discussedwith alternative solutions when available.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/118
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