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Título: Performance measurement in portuguese local government
Autor: Santos, Sérgio Pereira dos
Vieira, Rui
Pina, Paulo
Palavras-chave: Local government
New public management
Performance measurement
Data: Mai-2007
Editora: International Association for the Scientific Knowledge
Resumo: The continuing reforms of local government systems worldwide, driven by the "New Public Management" movement, have called for innovative systems of measuring (and reporting) performance and have led to the renewal of interest in performance measurment. Despite this, the extent to which performance measurement has taken hold in a meaningful way and impacted the local government of several countries, including Portugal, is still an open question. The objective of this paper is to contribute to filling this void by setting a research agenda for the study of Performance measurement in Portuguese municipalities.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/4491
ISBN: 978-972-99397-4-7
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