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Título: Single-hydrophone source tracking in a variable environment
Autor: Porter, M. B.
Jesus, S. M.
Stephan, Y.
Coelho, E.
Démoulin, X.
Data: 1998
Editora: CNR-IDAC
Citação: M.B. PORTER, S.M. JESUS, Y. STEPHAN, E.F. COELHO, X. DEMOULIN, ``Single-hydrophone source tracking in a variable environment'' in Proceedings of the 4th European Conf. on Underwater Acoustics, pp 575-580, CNR-IDAC, Rome, Italy.
Resumo: Internal tides commonly occur along ocean coasts. They are internal waves driven by the usual tidal force and generated by scattering at a sharp bottom feature such as the shelf break. The internal tides are dramatic features with crests typically 10-30 km apart and wave heights of 20 m. On the ocean surface they cause only a gentle ripple about 10 cm high but they affect the shine of the surface. As a result, astronauts often see them as the tides propagate away from the shelf break. In June 1996, a shallow-water tomography experiment (INTIMATE 96) was conducted off the coast of Portugal to observe these internal tides and learn about their acoustic effects. A source was towed around a vertical hydrophone array to produce acoustic sections along several slices. The experiment also provided an ideal opportunity for testing model-based source tracking. Acoustic sections taken parallel to the Portuguese coast allowed us to understand the propagation physics in a range-independent area. With this we have been able to develop a matched-field algorithm suitable for use in the far more complicated downslope direction which, being perpendicular to the crests of the internal tides, also experiences strong ocean-temperature variations. We will discuss both the approach and the source tracking.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/5304
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