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Título: Condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers
Autor: Cardoso, A. J. Marques
Oliveira, L. M. R.
Palavras-chave: Electrónica de potência
Condition monitoring
Data: 1998
Citação: Proceedings of the XXI th International congress and exhibition on condition monitoring and diagnostic engineering management, 1998. - Vol 2. - p. 591-599
Resumo: This paper addresses the subject of condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers. The main results of two reliability surveys, carried out under the auspices of CIGRE and IEEE in order to assemble objective data on the performance of transformers in service, are presented, providing useful information on the main causes of transformer failures, the most likely affected components and the related outages times. A survey of the most important methods, actually in use, for condition monitoring and diagnostics of power transformers is also given, which stresses the need for the development of new diagnostic methods, that can be applied without taking the transformers out of service, and that can also provide a fault severity criteria, in particular for determining transformers windings integrity. Preliminary results, concerning the on-going research activity on the development of a new approach for inter-turn winding fault diagnosis in three-phase transformers, are also reported in the paper.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/120
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