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Public Spaces: Socioeconomic Challenges

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This Special Issue, entitled ‘Public Spaces: Socioeconomic Challenges’ considers the concept of general well-being from the point of view of collective achievements and/or external conditions that can favorably impact the individual when implemented within an urban structure. The generality of the presented papers prioritizes the use of objective, measurable and scientifically proven foundations to confirm that including certain urban or environmental contexts within an urban structure has the potential to provide benefits to the well-being of citizens, and, eventually, lead to better conditions to improve their life quality and the architecture of well-being. As for the series of articles presented herein, the goal of this SI is to merely open the field up to a particularly wide range of possible reflections, which we expect to inspire future publications that can drive the creation even more focused contributions to clearly define the frontiers of a promising field of study. We ask the question how can measures related to urban or environmental architecture contribute to citizens well-being and how far can we expect such a contribution to be the aim of future public policy decisions? Naturally, despite the fact that is not a totally new concern, the consideration of these complex phenomena under a new umbrella and using innovative analysis techniques may bring some original approaches and new dimensions to the discussion.




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