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Título: Coexistência e comportamento das lagostas de Cabo Verde
Autor: Batalha, Rita Galego da Vila Mona
Orientador: Castro, Margarida
Freitas, Rui
Palavras-chave: Teses
Biologia marinha
Data de Defesa: 2008
Resumo: Despite low biological diversity, many endemic species are present in Cape Verde. There are five species of lobsters: Panulirus regius, Panulirus echinatus, Palinurus charlestoni (endemic species), Scyllarides latus and recently Panulirus argus was found for the first time. Lobsters are interesting from the scientific point of view, and they also provide the means of subsistence for many families. In this work, the behavior of the lobster species was studied, in particular intra and interspecific cohabitation. The shelters and lobsters were marked and observed using diving. Three shelters were observed in the island of São Vicente and two in Santo Antão. Cohabitation was observed in most shelters, up to fifteen individuals of P. regius in a single shelter, and three species (P. regius, P. echinatus, e S. latus). Marked lobsters were not present in the area one day after marking, suggesting they moved to another site, since predation due to fishing or natural predators is unlikely (no fishing and few predators present). Three month after, again none of the marked lobsters were observed, and the numbers present were higher. The knowledge of the movement patterns, behavior and habitat is relevant for the regulation of the fishing activity (periods with no fishing and marine protected areas).
Descrição: Tese mest. , Biologia Marinha, 2008, Universidade do Algarve
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/701
Designação: Mestrado em Biologia Marinha
Aparece nas colecções:UA01-Teses

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