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Título: Proceedings of the International Congress on Interdisciplinarity in Social and Human Sciences
Data: 5-Mai-2016
Editora: University of Algarve. CIEO – Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics
Resumo: Interdisciplinarity is the main topic and the main goal of this conference. Since the sixteen century with the creation of the first Academy of Sciences, in Napoles (Italy) (1568), and before that with the creation of the Fine Arts Academies, the world of science and arts began to work independently, on the contrary of the Academy of Plato, in Classical Antiquity, where science, art and sport went interconnected. Over time, specific sciences began to be independent, and the specificity of sciences caused an increased difficulty in mutual understanding. The same trend has affected the Human and Social Sciences. Each of the specific sciences gave rise to a wide range of particular fields. This has the advantage of allowing the deepening of specialised knowledge, but it means that there is often only a piecemeal approach of the research object, not taking into account the its overall complexity. So, it is important to work for a better understanding of the scientific phenomena with the complementarity of the different sciences, in an interdisciplinary perspective. With this growing specialisation of sciences, Interdisciplinarity acquired more relevance for scientists to find moreencompassing and useful answers for their research questions.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/9888
ISBN: 978-989-8472-82-3
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