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The spatial-institutional architecture of firms’ innovative behaviour

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In recent decades there have been an enormous number of studies about innovation systems, partly inspired by a great interest among policy makers in search for a solid scientific foundation and professional support to identify appropriate development strategies. Despite different perspectives, most studies highlight knowledge creation and innovation as the major drivers of change and growth. This consensus disappears, however, as soon as the complexity of innovation and knowledge are taken into consideration. Innovation goes far beyond new product or process development on account of its interactive nature, while knowledge often surpasses the firms’ internal mechanisms, because, frequently, it is a spatially endogenous characteristic.



Innovation firms


Vaz, E., Noronha Vaz, T. and Nijkamp, P. (2013) “The Spatial-Institutional Architecture of Firms’ Innovative Behaviour” in K. Kourtit, P. Nijkamp, B. Stimson (Ed) in Applied Regional Growth and Innovation Models, Series: Advances in Spatial Science, Springer Verlag

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