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Título: Fish ultrasonography characterization of cardiac morphology and blood flow
Autor: Coucelo, Josefina
Joaquim, N.
Aníbal, J.
Coucelo, Josefina
Data: 1993
Resumo: Non invasive identification and characterization of cardiac morphology and flow of Lophius s.p. and Halobactrachius s.p. was performed using color echo doppler. We used an ALOKA echo camera SSD 830 with a 5 MHZ transducer. Fishes were kept alive with water circulation device. The transducer was applied in the ventral middle line over heart chambers. Bidimensional images were obtained from long and short axis incidences at various levels of cardiac chambers. During each cardiac cycle and for every specimen it was possible to identify the relationship between each structure, measure longitudinal and transversal diameters, identify blood ?uxes and quantify their velocities. Conclusion: In live specimens it is possible, applying non invasive techniques, to observe the cardiac structures and to study the kinetic of the ventricle and bulbus, to identify blood ?ow and to measure his velocity. This can be used as an experimental model for cardiac function.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/2749
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