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Título: Regional knowledge management: contrasting skills in science, technology and innovation along the Atlantic space
Autor: Noronha, Teresa de
Data: 2006
Editora: IDEAS
Citação: Noronha Vaz, T. (2006) “Regional Knowledge Management: Contrasting skills in science, technology and innovation along the Atlantic space”, REGINA International Conference, 17 Outubro, Bilbao, Espanha
Resumo: This paper represents an effort to evaluate the current position and perspectives of science, technology and innovation in several Atlantic Regions. It is based on the results of a still running European research project (REGINA) that puts together Andalusia, Algarve, Norte, Galicia, Basque region, Bretagne, West Midlands and Border, Midland and Western. Not discussing the large spectrum of the goals of that project, this is an exercise to consider the possibility of setting up a lasting partnership for regional knowledge management in the politically, so important, Atlantic space (AS). Comprehending Spain, Portugal, France, United Kingdom and Ireland, this part of Europe also integrates regions lagging in terms of tacit and codified knowledge environments and, consequently, missing innovative attitudes. Would they benefit of a better territorial development balance in case of a regional innovation common strategy? And if so, which sectors are those to show greater skills for technological transfer within already existent cooperative performances? Highlighting an interactive model for which knowledge creation is understood in a broad perspective and innovation implicitly demands more than a simply gathering of discoveries and inventions this theoretical framing accepts the adaptation and combination of existing forms of knowledge.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/4569
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