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Título: Free amino acids are absorbed faster and assimilated more efficiently than protein in postlarval Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis)
Autor: Rønnestad, I.
Conceição, L. E. C.
Aragão, C.
Dinis, Maria Teresa
Palavras-chave: Solea senegalensis
Fish larvae
Free amino acids
Data: Nov-2000
Editora: The American Society for Nutritional Sciences
Resumo: To improve the formulation of diets for the early stages of marine fish, assimilation rates of free amino acids (FAA) and protein in postlarval Senegal sole (Solea senegalensis) were determined. Fish (2.45 ± 0.87 mg dry weight) were tube fed 36 nL of a diet of FAA containing L-[35S] methionine (FAA diet) or bovine serum albumin, containing L-[methylated-14C]bovine serum albumin (Prot-diet), both at a concentration of 4.08 g/L. A time series was performed, and the amounts of label in incubation water, liver, gut and body carcass were quantified. The FAA diet was absorbed with a 3.5-times-higher transfer rate (P < 0.001) from the gut into the larval body tissues compared with the Prot-diet. The FAA diet also was assimilated with greater efficiency than the Prot-diet (80% versus 58%, P = 0.001). If we assume that the label present in the gut represents amino acids incorporated into the intestinal tissue, the assimilation efficiencies for the two diets were 89 and 64%. Therefore, FAA seems to be superior to protein as a dietary source of amino acids in Senegal sole postlarvae. However, because the absorption dynamics of protein and FAA differ, care should be taken when using the sources together to avoid amino acid imbalance.
Descrição: Texto integral disponível através do editor
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/4609
ISSN: 0022-3166
Versão do Editor: http://jn.nutrition.org/content/130/11/2809.long
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