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Título: Acoustic oceanographic buoy data report Makai Ex 2005
Autor: Jesus, S. M.
Silva, A.
Zabel, F.
Data: 2005
Resumo: It is now well accepted in the underwater acoustic scientific community that below, say, 1 kHz acoustic propagation models are accurate enough to be able to predict the received acoustic field up to the point of allowing precise and reliable source tracking in range and depth with only limited environmental information. This results from a large number of studies both theoretical and with real data, carried out in the last 20 years. With the event of underwater communications and the necessity to increase the signal bandwidth for allowing higher communication rates, the frequency band of interest was raised to above 10 kHz. In this frequency band the detailed knowledge of the environment - acoustic signal interplay is reduced. The purpose of the MakaiEx sea trial is to acquire data in a complete range of frequencies from 500 Hz up to 50 kHz, for a variety of applications ranging from high-frequency tomography, coherent SISO and MIMO applications, vector - sensor, active and passive sonar, etc...The MakaiEx sea trial, that took place off Kauai I. from 15 September - 2 October, involved a large number of teams both from government and international laboratories, universities and private companies, from various countries. Each team focused on its specific set of objectives in relation with its equipment or scientific interest. The team from the University of Algarve (UALg) focused on the data acquired by their receiving Acoustic Oceanographic Buoy - version 2 (AOB2) during six deployments in the period 15 - 27 September. This report describes the AOB2 data set as well as all the related environmental and geometrical data relative to the AOB2 deployments. The material described herein represents a valuable data set for supporting the research objectives of projects NUACE1, namely to fulfill NUACE’s task 3 and 4 and RADAR2, namely its tasks 2 and 3 devoted to the developement and testing of a field of sonobuoys.
Descrição: Rep 04/05 - SiPLAB 17/Nov/2005 University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/5308
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