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Título: Resonance control of piezolaminated structures
Autor: Moita, José Mateus Simões
Soares, Cristovão M. Mota
Soares, Carlos A. Mota
Palavras-chave: Estruturas laminadas
Elementos finitos
Data: 2005
Editora: United Arab Emirates
Citação: 5th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology. - United Arab Emirates, December 2005. - p. 419-424
Resumo: This paper deals with a third order shear deformation finite element model wich is applied on the active resonance control thin plate/shell laminated structures with integrated piezoelectric layers of patches, acting as sensors and actuators. The finite element model is a single layer tringular nonconforming plate/shell element with 24 degrees of freedom for he generalized displacements, and one electrical potential degree of freedom for each piezoelectric element layer, wich are surface bonded on the laminated. The newwork method is considered to calculate the dynamic response of the laminated sructures forced to vibrate in the first natural frequency. To achieve a mechanism of active control of the structure dynamic response, a feedback control algorithm is used, coupling the sensor and active piezoelectric layers. The model is applied to the solution of one illustrative case, and the results are presented and discussed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/57
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