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Parceria família-creche: contributo para a "afinação" das relações família-creche

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The object of this study is to contribute to the comprehension of the relationship between the families/nursery, based on the interpretation of diverse points of view merged in the unique experience of taking care of and educating a child. Our intention may be enunciated through the following generic question: how do the families and teachers face and experience/live with this partnership? The methodology used lead us to the comprehension and interpretation of the strategies and the behaviour of those involved, based on their descriptions, interpretations and elaborated significance of the experienced/lived situations. We paid special attention to the concepts and ways in which the families and teachers faced the period of separation/adaptation of the child to the nursery. The interviews provided a large amount of information that was submitted to an analysis of phenomenographical inspiration and an interpretation of hermeneutic character. The result of our reflection which emerges from the confrontation of the collected empirical information with the content of the polemics studied by several authors, lead us to the elaboration of the following global considerations: the relation between the families/nursery (of the studied nursery) is characterized by a significant flexibility and by a noticeable open-mindedness that became evident in the analysis of the content of the participant’s statements. The analysis of the content leads us to consider that there are favourable conditions for the development of new lines of thought, of new values and new ways of conceiving reality and also of new practices paying special attention to the diverse types of relationships with different families in order to “improve” the existing relationships.


Tese mest. , Ciências da Educação, 2006, Universidade do Algarve


Teses Educação de infância Família Creche Parceria Educare Separação Reencontro 373.2


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