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Empowering employers to address domestic violence and its impact on the workplace

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Domestic violence affects all social and economic classes and age groups, but this type of public crime has traditionally not been linked tothe workplace. This study sought to providea new perspective on domestic violence by focusing on how it canbe addressed in work contexts. Qualitative research was conducted based on a focus group to clarify what companies in Portugal's Algarve region know about this crime and its repercussions for the workplace. The results include recurring themes, such as domestic violence as a taboo subject, the difficulty of detecting this crime at work despiteextantwell-established indicators of this problem, its repercussions for teams, unawareness of specificallyrelated labour laws and the need to train and inform workers. The findings also cover two emerging topics–corporate social responsibility and occupational health –as intervention areas. Given these results, an action plan was developed to be implemented in organisations in order to provide support to employees who are domestic violence victims.



Domestic violence indicators domestic violence legislation domestic violence prevention workplace impacts empowering employers action plan


Silva, Contreiras, & Duarte. (2024). Empowering employers to address domestic violence and its impact on the workplace. Tourism & Management Studies, 20(3), 15-26

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Universidade do Algarve. Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo