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Título: Conceptions of learning, approaches to learning and cognitive development: students profiles in a portuguese higher education institution
Autor: Valadas, Sandra Teodósio
Palavras-chave: Approaches to studying
Conceptions of learning
Cognitive development
Portuguese higher education Students
Students profiles
Data: 2011
Editora: Hipatia Press
Resumo: In this paper we examine concepts referring to learning and teaching in higher education recognized in the literature as study orientations, approaches to learning, study behaviours, approaches to studying and conceptions of learning. We also explored students’ cognitive development and academic success according to some indicators previously studied. An investigation on this subject was developed with emphasis on contextual variables, as well as students’ perceptions about the learning environment, as constructs that can influence the use of more deep or more superficial approaches to learning tasks, according to Entwistle’s work. The Portuguese version of the Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students – ASSIST (Valadas, Ribeiro Gonçalves & Faísca, 2009, 2010), as well as of the Parker Cognitive Development Inventory – PCDI (Ferreira & Bastos, 1995) were used to collect data concerning the approaches to studying, conceptions of learning, and levels of cognitive development in college students. Comparative and correlational results from 566 Portuguese higher education students, from different scientific areas (Biological Sciences, Economics, Earth Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical and Technological Sciences) and first and last years’ graduation are presented. We also explored students’ profiles resulting from cluster analysis. Results are consistent with the theory, although some particularities were found.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/3044
ISSN: 2014-3591
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