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Título: Non-traditional access to higher education – an evolution in Portugal
Autor: Bago, Joana
Santos, Lucilia
Fonseca, Henrique
Almeida, António Fragoso de
Gonçalves, Teresa
Ribeiro, Carlos Miguel
Quintas, Helena
Monteiro, Rute
Palavras-chave: Non traditional students
Higher education,
Data: 2012
Editora: EUCEN European University
Resumo: In Portugal the access to Higher Education (HE), comprising Universities and Polytechnic institutions, can be achieved by several dedicated “doors”. Besides the “National Admission Process” that accounts for the largest number of candidacies and vacancies and constitutes the regular pathway, there are a number of other processes, such as particular admission processes and special regimes, created as a result of the effort to open Higher Education to more and different publics. Gateways have been built based on the profiles at entrance, identifying, in particular, Non-Traditional Students, in particular older than 23 years that have now a dedicated via on the “Special Admission to HE” (SAHE) that has it set of vacancies established on a yearly basis by each university, and targets candidates (M23 regime). As a case study, this work pretends to bring up the major changes between past and present protocols of the SAHE, i.e., “ad-hoc examinations” and the actual M23 regime.
Descrição: Poster apresentado à 44th EUCEN Conference “Border Crossing as a Viable Choice: Collaboration, Dialogue and Access to higher Education”
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.1/4963
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